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Gift exchange or holiday scam? Here's how to tell.

Is your gift exchange really a holiday scam? Here’s how to tell.

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The following comes from Sweeten the Lemons, my new place for sharing thoughts.

Please BEWARE before you fork over $10+ for a “gift exchange” via facebook posts or other social media sharing this holiday season. It may be a scam!

Gift exchange or scam? (Graphic) Here's how to tell.

A true gift exchange = give one gift + receive one gift. Simple.

In a true gift exchange, there is a limited number of people, each giving and receiving a gift. It can be a lovely holiday tradition! However, the model circulating on facebook, where one gift is sent with the hope of receiving 6+ gifts in return is NOT a gift exchange. It is considered a scam called a “pyramid scheme” and is usually illegal.

To find out why, please continue reading on the new blog.


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